Simple Directions on Installing Vinyl
1) Make sure place to install vinyl is absolutely clean and free of debris. It is also advisable to make sure it is free of wax &/or rubbing compound & that the area hasn't been cleaned with a solvent that would under mind the adhesive.

2) Place a 3"-7" piece of 2" masking tape on the top two edges across the transfer tape leaving a 1.5"-4" piece exposed. These two pieces of tape are used to align the vinyl where it is to be installed.

3) After having aligned the vinyl where it is to be place run a piece of masking tape up the center of your transfer tape across the top and bottom over & below the ends of the transfer tape.

4) Remove the tape on either the right or left side.  Pushing the vinyl and transfer tape across the middle piece of masking tape and peel back the wax paper backer towards the object to be installed on. Cut the paper backer off. Holding the edge away from the substrate squeegee from the center out. Use a Pin to pop bubbles.

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